Designs by S&L Horseboxes Limited are to individual specifications with the same entry-level detail to safely maximise payload.

To a bespoke horsebox frame, aluminium bearers are fitted with the floor laid over aluminium planks. The body, to S&L Limited’s own design, comprises a three-element, composite fibreglass skin. This balanced panel with fixing points has insulating foam between external and internal faces of 2mm. Lightweight yet tough, the panels provide good sound insulation, keeping the interior cool in summer and warm in winter. The hand-made roof has an insulation thickness of 25mm. Movable partitions in the box rear enable safe, comfortable transportation of different horse breeds/numbers.

In the build process for a truck to hunting box conversion, sleek bonded windows are cut into the pre-existing GRP/fibreglass body panels. The wooden floor is reinforced with an overlay of aluminium chequer plate, and a ramp added. For HGVs, pop-outs are an optional feature. As with new build horseboxes, all conversions come with a weighbridge certificate to determine payload allowance.

Bespoke living areas range from functional to luxurious with LED television/DVD player, separate toilet and shower, and space-saving sliding doors. S&L Horseboxes Limited’s appliances, furnishings, fabrics and flooring are from premium suppliers with Dometic, Truma, Karndean and Altro among their favoured manufacturers.

At every stage of a bespoke horsebox the emphasis is on quality and individual choice. Living area finishes include high-glass wood, worktops include practical Formica, and flooring designs range from durable lino to non-slip safety finishes. Upholstery materials comply with British standard fire regulations and can be in leather, soft fabrics and hardwearing textiles. All these options guarantee personalisation, which is what S&L Horseboxes Limited promises and delivers.