About Us

S&L Horseboxes Limited is a Yorkshire-based business founded in 1983 by Steve Firth. The initial of his first name and that of his wife Linda is incorporated in the company’s name, which is today a family firm involving their two sons, Anthony and Michael.

Steve, who is managing director of S&L Horseboxes Limited and its subsidiary S&L Motorhomes, began his working life as a National Coal Board welder. Always interested in cars he later became a self-employed mechanic, successfully selling refurbished motors and transporters. His passion for horseboxes was sparked by a motorcross race when he was inspired by what he saw, knowing he could do better.

In less than 10 weeks Steve designed and built his first horsebox. When he duly advertised it for sale in Horse and Hound his phone never stopped ringing. A buyer in Devon snapped up the horsebox, thereby becoming Steve’s first customer.

While the business has grown over the years, its joint focus on bespoke horseboxes and custom-built motorhomes has never altered.

“Doing what you know you can do, and doing it better than anyone else, has always been my motivation. Knowing we can deliver whatever a client wants gives me real satisfaction,” says Steve. Working alongside him as sales and marketing manager is elder son Anthony, with Michael as workshop manager.

To visit the workshop of S&L Horseboxes Limited and S&L Motorhomes, please call Anthony Firth on (01757) 630233 to arrange an appointment, or email him at info@slhorseboxes.co.uk.