S&L Horseboxes Limited offers a tailored service for all size horseboxes, with designs ranging from standard to luxury.

The company’s workshop at Selby near York can accommodate three simultaneous bespoke horsebox builds.  Completion and delivery timescales vary according to requirements and specification.  A new coach build generally takes eight to 12 weeks, with cost determined by the level of selected fittings and furnishings.

Part-build projects and complete truck/hunting box conversions are also undertaken.   Converting an aerofoil truck into a standard hunting box with windows and skirtboards takes approximately four to six weeks.

Additional services available from S&L Horseboxes Limited are:

• design and build of new horsebox living areas
• refurbishment and makeovers to existing boxes
• external bodywork repairs and re-sprays
• replacing of damaged horsebox ramps and skirts
• pre-MOT check, with follow-on MOT
• arranged vehicle servicing

From two-horse 6½ and 7½ tonne horseboxes to four-horse plus HGVs,
S&L Horseboxes Limited delivers a professional and proven service.  Regardless of project size and complexity, S&L Horseboxes Limited ensures clients maximise the payload of their vehicle, and achieve stylish comfort without comprising safety.